Black Center Bumper Protectors (G-14000)

Set of 2 bumper protectors
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Center Black Bumper Protectors
Center Bumper Protectors

Universal - will fit all cars. For rear bumper and front bumper. Fixed to upper or lower part of bumper - even at angles up to 15 degree. Prevents scratches, bump and break damage when parking in car parks and garages. Suitable for all painted plastic bumpers and plastic side panels. Also practical to use as an edge protector beneath the tailgate and / or on the boot. At home attach to the garage wall as a door edge protector. Self adhesive securing.

Fixing instruction:

The bumper must be clean and dry and should be intensively before fitting. If a car polish or care product has already been applied then the surface should be additionally cleaned with some cleaning alcohol or silicon remover, otherwise the self adhesive foil will not sick sufficiently. During the assembly, the environment temperature should not be below 59 F (15 C). For low temperatures, the surface and self adhesive foil can be pre-warmed using a hairdryer in order to strengthen the self adhesive process. Then the protective foil is removed, the bumper protector is placed on the bumper and pressed firmly using both hands. The self adhesive foil requires a little time to optimally develope its sticking power. Therefore you should wait at least 24 hours before cleaning your car in the carwash. The bumper protectors can be removed at any time. Adhesive remnants can be easily removed / rubbed of by hand with the aid of a hairdryer if nessassery.

The black bumper protectors are designed to protect car bumpers on the most common automobiles such as Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Acura, Mercury, Volvo, Pontiac, Chevrolet etc. Bumper Guards are strongly attached with 3M tape and they will not damage the paint.

Size: 5 " X 3 " X 1.5" (12cm X 6.5 cm X 3cm)

Set of 2 Black Bumper Protectors

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